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Accurate H2O Plumbing Detects and Repairs Leaks in Columbia, Lexington

If you have leaks in your Columbia or Lexington area home or business, call Accurate H2O Plumbing.

Active water leaks lead to costly repairs if left neglected. When it comes to plumbing leaks, it’s a bad idea to dismiss a small water leak. Losing any water is wasteful and can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Here at Accurate H2O Plumbing, we know the biggest reason to catch water leaks quickly is because current problems can create future plumbing issues. What do you do when you suspect a leak but can’t actually see it? Our Accurate H2O team can help you.

Small Leaks Can Lead to Big Problems

  • Assess the leak
  • Make any repairs that may be necessary for your faucets or pipes


  • Outdated or corroded piping
  • Tree root intrusion disrupting underground pipes
  • Accidental damage (hitting a line with construction equipment while doing yard work, for example)

There may be times when a spot repair won’t do the trick. If you have older pipes and/or multiple leaks under your slab, it may be time to re-pipe completely.

What We Will Do When We Find a Leak

The best way to fix a leak depends on the nature of it. You might have a leaky faucet, in which case we can simply repair or replace the faucet. But you might have a leak in a water pipe that is inside your walls or perhaps in a slab. You could even have a water or sewer line leak under the ground outside of your home.

If you suspect you have a leak, contact us today to make an appointment. Our technicians will investigate your leak and let you know the best course of action.

How Smaller Slab Leak Repairs Work

If you have a newer pipe system leaking at a certain point under your slab, a spot repair might work for you. If the pipes are newer, chances are good that your pipe leak is an isolated incident.

The spot repair process involves creating a small hole in the slab only at the site of the leak. The hole allows easy access to the exact area where the leak is. This spot access can allow us to fix your leak as soon as possible without digging up the entire slab.

Great customer service. Kept me informed as to who was coming and when. The tech called to confirm the appointment and came when he said he would be here. I wish more companies maintained this practice. I will definitely use them in the future and refer them to friends.
Gabriel was polite, professional and showed great knowledge of his work. He explained what he was doing and made sure I understood each step. He cleaned up his work area when he was finished and even asked if there was any other plumbing problems he could help with. A great employee and a great company. Thank you!!