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Leak Detection

Accurate H2O plumbing utilizes state of the art leak detection technology to pinpoint underground water leaks.

Plastic Pipe Water Leaks

Having a hard time locating your plastic water pipes? We have the right equipment to help out.

Accurate H2O Plumbing recognizes the growing need to accurately locate plastic water pipes, especially those that have been buried without a tracer wire. We have acquired the best technologies available to offer highly accurate plastic pipe locating services in a non-invasive way.

Galvanized Piping

Galvanized piping was used extensively in homes and businesses that may be 30 years or older now, and this piping was originally used as water supply lines. This is a steel piping, that is covered by a layer of Zinc, designed to increase the life expectancy of the piping itself, and avoid corrosion.

Galvanized piping has a tendency to react with the minerals in the water it carries, producing scale and rust, that can lead to lower water pressure, and unexpected leaks. Our leak detection technology is designed to locate and identify this specific kind of piping, and can aid in the location of underground leaks.

Copper Piping

Copper piping came into use after WWII, and at times was used for both water supply and waste water lines.

Due to the overall high cost of the material, copper piping has been used primarily for water distribution supply lines, which even today, in some areas, has been replaced with either PEX piping or CPVC piping.

In some pre-1980 installations, a high led solder may have been used, and this may result in higher lead levels in your potable water supply.

Another common installation mistake was, when this piping was installed below ground, the piping was not sufficiently wrapped, or even worse, was not wrapped at all, and the reaction between the soil or the concrete caused the piping to corrode, pit, or deteriorate, causing leaks.

Leak Solutions

Whether the leak is at your home or your business, Accurate H2O Plumbing is here for you.

Our trained technicians utilize Next Generation Technology, to accurately pinpoint the source of underground water leaks, saving our clients time and money. Through the utilization of our Dual Segment Analysis (DSA) leak detection unit, we can optimize the locating process through precision pinpointing instrumentation. Typical leak detection is acquired through sound analysis, by analyzing constant leak sounds or sound levels.

Our powerful signal processor, suppresses extraneous sounds, allowing the constant sound of the leak to be displayed as the minimum sound level, therefore, providing a better, more accurate, and more effective means of leak detection.

Whether your underground piping is plastic, metallic, or copper, our trained technicians can pinpoint the exact location of your leak and provide you with peace of mind. Even though you may have a leak, Accurate H2O Plumbing can not only repair it, but can ultimately save your home or business from unnecessary damage that may be caused by other plumbers who do not have the capability to locate leaks efficiently without destroying the integrity of your home or your business.

Timing is Crucial When Water is on the Move

Call our experts today at (803) 798-1921 for fast and accurate service. A hidden water leak, can pose a significant threat to your home or business, and cost a significant amount of extra money on you monthly water bill.

Remember-pinpointing the exact location of an underground water leak is no easy task, but the experts at Accurate H2O Plumbing, are here for you.

Great customer service. Kept me informed as to who was coming and when. The tech called to confirm the appointment and came when he said he would be here. I wish more companies maintained this practice. I will definitely use them in the future and refer them to friends.
Gabriel was polite, professional and showed great knowledge of his work. He explained what he was doing and made sure I understood each step. He cleaned up his work area when he was finished and even asked if there was any other plumbing problems he could help with. A great employee and a great company. Thank you!!