When to Call a Plumber

Many people tend to wait until problems become severe or there is an emergency situation to reach out to a plumber for help. However, catching plumbing issues early could save you a substantial amount of time and money. Here are a few situations that suggest signs of a problem that needs a plumber’s attention:

When to Call a Plumber
  • Low Water Pressure - low water pressure can be caused by various things that could be as simple as the faucet being blocked or as serious as a leaking pipe system.
  • No Hot Water - diagnosing hot water issues is tricky since an electric heating system contains several elements that have the potential to break or become faulty.
  • Blocked Sewer Lines - if your sink isn’t draining properly or your toilet isn’t flushing, the problem could either be in the plumbing system or in the connection to the main sewer line.
  • Frozen Water Pipes - a pipe freeze can cause pipes to crack or burst.
  • Leaking Pipes - leaking pipes can be caused by a number of underlying issues, including a cracked or broken pipe, corrosion, or water pressure that is too high.

Each of these things could potentially indicate a more serious issue and should be looked at by a professional. If you have questions about plumbing issues or would like to schedule services, contact the experts at Accurate H2O Plumbing online or at (803) 798-1921 today!